For whom?

For everyone. Anyone who is troubled by an important decision, who does not know what they really want and who is afraid of deciding wrongly. As well, for everyone who knows what they want, but is struggeling with reaching it, and who is afraid of failing miserably.


For which kinds of decisions?

For questions around the development of your personality and your life, for any kind of decision across your professional and relational spheres.


What are the benefits of a decision coaching?

The value of a coaching lies in the solving of a personal impasse and the reclaiming of your capacity of action. Through acceptance of your dilemma, verification of your doubts, prioriziting and clarification, you’ll get to know yourself better and learn to trust your intuition.


How does a coaching proceed?

We will clarify your matter, illustrate your dilemma and explore its origins and constituents. With more clarity and knowledge about your personality and goals we then develop an action plan together. Depending on the time frame of your individual situation we will meet again for a follow-up after a couple of weeks or month: in order to reflect and evaluate change and to shed light on your next steps. 


Is each dilemma going to be solved in a coaching?

I cannot promise that. Some processes need more time than others, or maybe the time has not come yet for a particular decision. Or the dilemma represents an underlying issue that would be better dealt with in a therepeutical setting.





can i get an appointment at short notice?

Usually appointments are arranged within one week. For very urgent concerns also with shorter notice. Just get in touch.


Where does a coaching take place?

You can be coached, no matter where you are, as we can arrange a Skype appointment anytime. For a personal session we will meet in a beautiful bright space, at Somatische Akademie Berlin, Paul Lincke Ufer 30, Kreuzberg. As I am traveling often, other places may be possible, too. Just contact me for possibilities. 


Do I have to speak English for a coaching?

I am happy to coach you in English or German (which is my mother tongue)


Is there any concession for students or people with low income?

If your financial status hinders you from making a request, please contact me and we discuss possibilities.


Is a coach bound to maintain confidentiality?

Of course, all information is treated strictly confidentially, no one except you and I is going to get word of your concerns.


Are there decisions that do have no place for coaching?

If I have the impression that a matter is exceeding my expertise, I will reject a coaching request. A coach intends to create more clarity and ability to act, not to make an expert decision. Therefore, in acute health matters or important financial decisions, experts should be consulted instead. The responsibility for consequences of your actions remain with you.