What kind of Coaching suits me?


Particularly in struggling with decision-making there is a tremendous potential to understand who we are and which factors are shaping our personalities and life journeys.

Transforming this potential into acting energy is part of a decision coaching, in which we create clarity by understanding your dilemma and shedding light on values and visions. According to the time frame of your decision, we meet again, a few days or months later, reflect and evaluate together and illustrate your next steps.

Depending on the type of request, there are two different decision-patterns to choose from –


concise wise

Creating Clarity

deciding small

For requests that are short or straightforward

Typical issues: perhaps you’re not sure if you should tell your partner about an important incident, or if it’s worth it to invest in additional job training.

Decision-Coaching 60' +
Follow-Up (2nd Session via skype) 30'

(1.5 hours in total)

99 EUR

'i was able to confidently and calmly choose the opportunity that suited me best

– something I would have been unable to do as fluidly without the guidance of Manuela. Decision coaching enabled me to make a choice on my own; to clear the clouds in my mind. Danke!' – Caroline


far reaching

Visualising a future

deciding big

For requests that are tricky or longterm

Typical issues: perhaps it’s about deciding between two job offers, or whether you should move to another city for a relationship. Perhaps you are indecisive as how to deal with a situation, like one of your parents needing permanent care.

Decision-Coaching 90' +
follow-Up (2nd Session) 60'

(2.5 hours in total)

179 EUR

'Manuela helped me incredibly to create clarity out of confusion, leaving a lasting sense of relief.

I can highly recommend it to anyone, who needs support in disentangling their feelings and thoughts in an important decision.' – MI

P1740209, bw.jpg

bent upon

Reaching Goals

tackling change


If you are struggling with the transformation of your new year's resolutions (or the decision that you theoretically made a long time ago) into action we can scrutinize the psychological blocks in your way and understand how to overcome them.


single session 60'

79 EUR



199 EUR


For answers to questions that you may have check the FAQ section or send me an email at manuela@si-no.de


yoga + coaching

Creating clarity is a process that can take some time and perhaps requires some boldness to bluntly face uncomfortable truths upside down.

Practising yoga in a calm place offers an ideal setup to dare to open-up and rediscover your inner clarity.
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