Manuela Oehler

I’ve often faced a decisive crossroad and experienced those moments, when our doubts and inner critics best show their presence.

I believe that we are happier when we assume less and listen more carefully to ourselves, with curiosity and acceptance, allowing our decisions to be guided by our potential and our desires.


my coaching philosophy is comparable to the way Michelangelo thought about his work as a sculptor: inside every block of stone a statue is already latently inside and has to be chipped away by the sculptor.

Sometimes our own sense of clarity can be blurred and need some liberation. Not by using a mallet and chisel but by daring to answer questions and rediscover priorities aligned with our core values. This coaching approach is based on a systemic-constructivist view, offering process expertise rather than expert knowledge, to create healthy individuals and organizations. Systemic work does not look at the individual as deficient, but assumes that people always try to adapt to their environment in a way that balances it, even if it often costs suffering. In systemic thinking, therapeutic or advisory action can not be aimed at bringing about externally controlled changes, but it is only possible to give impetus to a system that is set in motion and may find new constellations that are more useful to all involved.


about me

I am psychologist (M.Sc., Lund University, Sweden) and systemic coach (certified by the German Federal Association of Executive Coaching, DBVC), dedicated to promoting health and facilitating change. I inspire clarity in important life decisions, teach classes and workshops on personality development (The School of Life Berlin) and am curious about applying what we know from academic research ( on digital health solutions in the domain of behavior change (


<3 In my private life I love my bike, practise yoga and appreciate discovering the world as much as coming home.